My office is located at 148 College Street. This is across from City Hall Park at the corner of College and St Paul in the Citizen's Bank building.  You will see 148-156 College over the entrance.  From the sidewalk there is a cement ramp w/ flower boxes. You can walk or take the elevator to the 3rd floor following signs for Great Tree. Go to the end of the long hall. My office is on the left with my name on the door. Come on in!

Parking: You may find a spot out front on the street.  There is a parking garage around the corner on St Paul St.   Another option is 2 hour free parking, one is the garage on the corner on Bank St just off South Winooski Ave.. This is a two-minute walk to my office. From Bank Street go left onto Church St and a right on College. The other is down from my office on College St.


Martha's Whitney's office exterior