Martha no longer taking new clients. She is transitioning to close her therapy practice in December 2021.

She is away this summer from June 23 to September 17th.

If you are a current client and want support please see the email she sent for names of therapists who are on call while she is away.

If you need immediate support call the crisis line: 802-488-7777

She will continue to teach yoga at Evolution.

Body-Heart-Mind Integrative Therapy supports compassionate self-awareness and healing. The premise of Martha’s work is that our life experiences are patterned in our bodies, brains and beliefs and affect our life choices, relationships and well-being. To assist in transforming limiting patterns, Martha skillfully guides her clients into mindful awareness of physical sensations and accompanying thoughts and emotions. This collaborative attention and exploration enables clients to access their own innate resources for healing and transformation. To learn more....

Yoga with Martha offers a mindful, inspiring and welcoming yoga environment that fosters an enhanced self-acceptance and embodied well-being. Her in-depth training in anatomy, movement and breath allows her to artfully guide postures that access body ease and aliveness. Students leave private or group classes feeling more comfortable, confident and resilient in themselves and in their lives. To learn more....