People who choose Integrative Body-Heart-Mind Therapy with Martha may be:

  • experiencing change in their relationships, health or work
  • living with illness, pain, or grief
  • wanting relief from anxiety, worry or other stress symptoms
  • wanting more satisfying connection with self and others
  • healing from accidents, surgery, loss, or childhood wounds
  • feeling stuck and wanting more freedom to move forward
  • longing to be more comfortable,  authentic,  and resilient

Martha uses a combination of body-heart-mind modalities to support each person’s healing.

Hakomi is an experiential body-centered psychotherapy. A client is guided into mindful awareness of the present body-felt experience to gently access and study core material – beliefs, emotions, and memories. Collaboratively, we learn how core material shapes one’s life patterns, relationships and self-image. Hakomi fosters change by exploring limiting patterns and creating opportunities to experience and integrate more fulfilling options.

Somatic Experiencing(SE) is a gentle step-by-step approach that employs mindful awareness of body sensations to help heal highly charged, traumatic or painful experiences and loss. SE supports a client to organically enhance balance and health of their nervous system to relieve stress responses. This allows them to tap into their capacity to experience confidence and resiliency in daily life and relationships.

Resonant Kinesiology is a bodywork that teaches how to inhabit our body more fully and comfortably. Through the use of touch and movement the body is able to become aware of itself and access its own innate process of healing and growth. This cooperative inquiry leads to relief of discomfort, to greater ease and health.