Private Yoga Instruction for all levels of experience and body types. Martha provides a safe environment to start or deepen a yoga practice or address physical and emotional health needs. Sessions are skillfully designed to meet your individual needs through selective postures, breathing, and relaxation techniques. These yoga sessions are informative, inspiring and transformative.

Restorative Yoga is an opportunity to become physically and emotionally restored. By maintaining gentle, supported yoga postures, your body can release habitual tensions and open pathways for movement, breath and insight. This process is facilitated by touch, dialogue and guided breathwork. To see if any restorative workshops are currently enrolling students, go to this page and click on the workshops tab.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Martha provides private and group classes to support people who are healing from trauma. The main objsectives are for you to feel comfortable in your body, to learn self-regulation skills and to feel more resilient in your life.

Group Yoga Classes Martha offers weekly mindfulness-based, gentle and all-level yoga classes and monthly restorative yoga workshops in Burlington. Click here for class descriptions and schedule.